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Incident Management Software

=Seamlessly capture, investigate and report on EHS incidents across the business
with Pro-Sapien's powerful Incident Management software on SharePoint & Office 365

Capture data
Assign actions
Produce reports
Pro-Sapien's Safety Software is a SharePoint Add-In

Pro-Sapien's Incident Management Software enables you to capture, track and report on your EHS incidents data straight from SharePoint. 

Especially in mid- to high-risk industries, all EHS-related incidents must be recorded and learned from in order to prevent future recurrences. An incident may be anything from an oil spill to a personal injury, meaning a wide range of information will be handled by your Incident Management System (IMS).

Our configurable system is deployed into your existing SharePoint environment where it is accessed by users. With an integrated Action Manager and intuitive Business Intelligence dashboards, Pro-Sapien's Incident Management Software makes compliance simple. 

Incident Management

Record multiple incident types with dynamic forms, track follow up tasks, perform root cause analysis and report on your progress.

Make it easy for users to report incidents with our dynamics forms that update as they are filled in, supporting multiple incident types. For example, someone recording a personal injury will be asked for different information than someone reporting damage to equipment. Values given in the forms also influence who is notified about what.

o Keep track of all incidents in a filterable Incidents library. View incidents by Location, by Type, by Severity, by Status and more, or create and save your own new view. The system knows who’s logged in and their associated security groups, therefore will only show the relevant incident items.

Designate secure, configured incident investigation areas within our dynamic incident forms to identify areas for improvement. Thanks to its flexibility, the system can adapt to whatever method of analysis you currently use, be it 5-Whys, Fishbone or other, and you have full control over the approval process.

Assign, track, and manage all follow up tasks with the central Action Manager, implemented with all deployments. Actions can be set automatically by workflows, manually within forms, or straight from the Action Manager area itself. When an action is approaching due date or becomes overdue, notifications can be automatically sent to the appropriate individuals for follow up.

Pro-Sapien can integrate with third party applications such as SAP to bring through data that will assist in tracking performance. For example, bring through a count of man-hours worked to automatically calculate your Incident Rate, Lost Time Injury Rate and more to display in EHS performance dashboards and to provide in regulatory reports.

If you don't have a system tracking man hours worked or are moving from spreadsheet-based methods, Pro-Sapien can provide you a simple form to fill the requirement.

See what changes were made to Incident items, when and by whom. Everything done within the system has a full audit trail, so when OSHA comes knocking you have all the information you need to prove your compliance.


user-friendly system that works your way

Our software takes on the look and feel of your existing SharePoint portal that users already know - minimizing training and encouraging adoption.
No need to issue new logins to users, as our software is accessed with existing SharePoint credentials (and supports single sign-on).
We spend time onsite with every client prior to implementation configuring the system to make sure it matches your processes and works the way you do.

Features & Benefits

Microsoft Integration
Seamless integration with the programs you already rely on (Excel, Outlook, Word, etc.)
Configurable, Flexible
Configurable forms, workflows, and metrics for a system that actually makes sense
User Friendly
User-friendly and familiar interface of Microsoft - less training required
Mobile Ready
All Pro-Sapien forms are mobile responsive and can be accessed on any connected device
Central Action Manager
Set, track and manage all CAPAs and compliance tasks in one place
Dashboards & Reports
Powerful but easy-to-use KPI dashboards and self-service reports
Simple Licensing
Cost-effective licensing model - we don't count users or modules!
On-premise or Cloud
On-premise or on the Cloud with Office 365 - whichever suits you best
Single Sign On
Enable Single Sign On (SSO) with Microsoft credentials for easy, secure access

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