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Safety Training Management Software

Create, track and analyze Health & Safety training in Office 365 with LMS365

Works with Pro-Sapien
Easy to use
Manage review schedules
Track participation

LMS365 makes Health & Safety Training more convenient and transparent. 

LMS365 empowers people through learning management fit for the modern workplace. Managers can create, distribute, and track learning courses, whilst employees can keep on top of their own learning schedule with progress trackers, notifications and certificates.

Training data is a valuable leading indicator on EHS performance dashboards and an important factor in root cause analysis. The best part is everything is done through Office 365, which means single sign on, a consistent user experience, and countless opportunities for configuration.

Pro-Sapien and LMS365 are partners
Learning Management
Ensure employees across the business are getting the right health and safety training with LMS365 from Pro-Sapien.

Create EHS training courses and manage content using the intelligence Course Creation Wizard, Learning Module Builder, Quiz Builder and SCORM/AICC Player.

Publish your courses to a specific group or company-wide, set floating expiry dates, and configure how the certification should appear on a user’s profile.

Not all people learn the same way, and some EHS training requires face-to-face participation. LMS365 lets you combine online learning and classroom training with webinars and more to make sure your staff have the best opportunity to learn.

Create a familiar and engaging training experience with high user adoption. LMS365 sits within Office 365 as a SharePoint site, just like Pro-Sapien, integrating with other key Microsoft collaboration programs such as Teams and Flow.

Configure your Learner and Manager dashboards and even gamify the experience with badges, certificates and leaderboards to truly engage the workforce in EHS training.

With LMS365 you are in full control of your own LMS data to track the progress of individual learners or groups. The value of the LMS365 and Pro-Sapien integration really becomes clear in reports and dashboards that show how training participation impacts, for example, incident trends – equipping you with data to make informed decisions for improvement.

Get insights from on-screen reports or integrate with Power BI for even more powerful analytics.

A training plan may include multiple courses to ensure compliance in a particular area, such as Warehouse Safety, which may include Working At A Height and working particular equipment.

The EHS department is responsible for a large and very important part of organizational compliance. Meeting regulations, including for appropriate training, requires an audit trail and is made much easier with the automation that LMS365 provides.

Track read and understood confirmations, manage training review schedules, automate notifications and easily update training materials as and when required; for example, following an incident investigation.

Thanks to the LMS365 Pro-Sapien partnership, you can purchase LMS365 as part of your suite of EHS software from Pro-Sapien. Our technical experts perform the integration you require between the two platforms so that they appear as one. We also provide support for your LMS365 program to make the whole EHS experience seamless within Office 365. Drop us a message today and we'll be happy to explain the benefits in full!


user-friendly system that works your way

Screenshots of Pro-Sapien and LMS365
Our software takes on the look and feel of your existing SharePoint portal that users already know - minimizing training and encouraging adoption.
No need to issue new logins to users, as our software is accessed with existing SharePoint credentials (and supports single sign-on).
We spend time onsite with every client prior to implementation configuring the system to make sure it matches your processes and works the way you do.

Pro-Sapien is an authorized partner of LMS365

Demand for Training Management is growing, with independent analyst firm Verdantix reporting that 89% of respondents to the Global EHS Leaders Survey 2018 will use it widely for health and safety in the coming year.

Although Pro-Sapien was and is able to offer simple Training Management capabilities, through LMS365 we can deliver even more value to our customers - without reinventing the wheel. You still get the seamless, friendly Office 365 user experience Pro-Sapien is known for.

Pro-Sapien is an LMS365 Authorized Partner

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