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Mobile Forms

Make it easy for workers to report from the field with SharePoint-integrated mobile forms for EHS, part of Pro-Sapien's EHS management software suite.

SharePoint integrated

Send hazard observations, positive interventions or any type of report back to your SharePoint-integrated, Pro-Sapien EHS system for approval and follow up.

No app required

Your workers don't need an app to access these forms. Tailorable, lightweight and web-based, they load quickly through unique QR-codes.

Anyone can report

Open up safety to everyone by allowing contractors, visitors and members of the public to also report observations straight from their smart device.

Mobile Forms for EHS

Award-winning technology that engages everyone

Mobile capabilities of EHS software are making it easier than ever to capture valuable information from the field. Pro-Sapien's award-winning mobile forms take that one step further. Coupled with the seamless SharePoint integration our EHS software affords, you're empowered with a full view of how the business is performing.

EHS Hazard Observation Mobile Form

How does it work?

Our innovative mobile forms have recently been recognized by independent analyst firm Verdantix as a problem-solver for the industry.

EHS software vendor Pro-Sapien [provides] QR codes around worksites so that anyone with a smart phone (employees, contractors, or members of the public) could scan the code and access a safety observation form to report a near miss or positive safety intervention.

These responsive forms are URL based, meaning access can be provided to people such as contractors and site visitors in order to collect as much information about near misses or positive interventions as possible.

The forms are captured within SharePoint and routed to the appropriate individuals for approval and to raise follow up actions.

Best Practices in Deploying EHS Mobile Apps 2019

Pro-Sapien has been recognized by independent analyst firm Verdantix as a leader in deploying EHS mobile apps. Get access to the full report here.

Maximize your valuable EHS data

Increase Engagement

You don't need a SharePoint account or a pre-downloaded app to fill in our mobile forms which are supported by iOS & Android.

Improve Data Quality

Allow workers to report hazards before they forget details, after which all forms go through Approval within SharePoint.

Modernize EHS Initiatives

Bring EHS up to date with how your workers communicate, making it as easy as possible to take part.

Timely Response

Receive and respond to hazard reports fast, assign corrective actions and reduce the risk of incident in the future.

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Mobile Forms for EHS: A Use Case

VINCI Construction UK is one of the country's largest construction companies, employing 9,000 staff nationwide. With this whole UK division still using a paper-based reporting system, issues often occurred with forms not being filled in adequately, the length of time elapsed between incident and recording, and the length of time it took to process reports. Brought into service in 2012, Pro-Sapien's mobile forms have allowed VINCI to improve practice through more frequent reporting and immediate processing of information. Download PDF »


Part of Pro-Sapien's EHS Software on SharePoint.

EHS Software on SharePoint 2016

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