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Mobile Forms: Pro-Forma Touch

Allow non-users to easily report EHS observations onsite with our award-winning mobile forms technology

Pro-Forma Touch

All Pro-Sapien EHS forms are responsive as standard. However, it is not recommended to fill out complex forms on a portable device. Therefore, an additional mobility option is to roll-out optimized mobile forms, accessed via QR-codes displayed on site safety posters. We call this technology Pro-Forma Touch.

No app required

Your workers don't need an app to access these forms. Tailorable, lightweight and web-based, they load quickly through unique QR-codes.

Anyone can report

Open up safety to everyone by allowing contractors, visitors and members of the public to also report observations straight from their smart device.

SharePoint integrated

Send hazard observations, positive interventions or any type of report back to your SharePoint-integrated, Pro-Sapien EHS system for approval and follow up.

Mobile Forms for EHS
Best Practices: Deploying Mobile EHS Apps Leader

An industry problem-solver

Pro-Forma Touch mobile forms have been recognized by independent analyst firm Verdantix as a problem-solver for EHS professionals:

EHS software vendor Pro-Sapien [provides] QR codes around worksites so that anyone with a smart phone (employees, contractors, or members of the public) could scan the code and access a safety observation form to report a near miss or positive safety intervention.

Read more in the official Verdantix report, Best Practices: Deploying Mobile EHS Apps

Award-winning technology that engages everyone

Mobile capabilities of EHS software are making it easier than ever to capture valuable information from the field. Pro-Sapien's award-winning Pro-Forma Touch takes that one step further. Workers don't need to pre-download an app or even have a system login to quickly submit important data that can help save lives.

EHS Hazard Observation Mobile Form

How does it work?

Pro-Forma Touch forms are URL based, and accessible by all. That means you can let contractors, visitors and even members of the public easily notify you of observations, without needing a system login. The form is then routed through your review process, just like any other Pro-Sapien form.

Watch the video to learn more.

Close Call and Positive Intervention - VINCI Construction UK

Case Study

VINCI Construction UK has been using Pro-Sapien for Health & Safety Management since 2013.

Part of the project was delivering Close Call and Positive Intervention forms with Pro-Sapien's Pro-Forma Touch mobile technology. Since then, VINCI plc has named Pro-Sapien as a preferred global vendor and awarded Pro-Sapien two innovation awards.

Find out how VINCI is breaking down barriers to reporting and improving engagement in our case study.

As easy as possible for users

Allow anonymity

Form users can elect to leave their email address or remain anonymous, which can encourage reporting in some industries.

Attach from camera

To attach images, users don't need to leave the form - they can take and attach straight from camera.

Native features

The form adopts an interface native to the device, such as date picker format, so the user gets a familiar experience.

Review and reclassify

All forms are routed through your approval workflow to make sure they are categorized and thus followed up appropriately.

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