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Nonconformance Management

Record, investigate, correct and report on NCRs with Pro-Sapien’s Nonconformance Management Software on Office 365

Categorize NCRs
Potential/Actual Impact
Track CAPAs
Report on progress

Pro-Sapien’s Nonconformance Management Software helps you ensure the continued high quality of products and services.

Particularly in highly regulated industries, all quality nonconformances (NCRs) should be recorded and responded to appropriately. Having the tools to easily record, correct and learn from such events gives organizations a competitive edge in delivering on customer expectations of quality.

Pro-Sapien’s NCR Management Software supports you in ISO 9001 compliance with a defined but configurable workflow for rectifying identified problems.

As with all modules, NCR Management comes packaged with the Pro-Sapien Action Manager and Business Intelligence applications, giving Quality Managers the tools they need to become even more effective.

Nonconformance Management Software on Office 365
Nonconformance Management

Use Pro-Sapien's user-friendly system to record, investigate, correct, and report on quality nonconformances (NCRs) without leaving Office 365.

Make it easy for employees to report nonconformances with our dynamic forms that update as they are filled in. For example, if Type "Customer Complaint" is selected, the form will ask for the Customer Name, which may not be required for other Types such as Equipment Faults. Dynamic forms guide users through the process and reduce the effort required. Users log information such as Type, Location, Equipment, Description and Raised By/Against before building up a list of categorizations. What’s more, you’re in control of the available categories — so you can match up your NCR form with quality training.
Sometimes NCRs have the potential to cause more damage than what’s immediately obvious. Pro-Sapien’s NCR form lets users indicate the actual impact as well as the potential impact. Potential impact is an insightful leading indicator that Pro-Sapien clients have used to become more proactive in risk management. By filtering potential impacts by categorization, Quality Managers can identify at-risk areas of process and put in place safeguards before the impact materializes in future.
After submission, an NCR report is checked over by a reviewer to ensure it has been categorized appropriately. The Review stage in the workflow acts as a brief buffer between an NCR being reported and notifications being distributed, to make sure the right people are alerted to take action. It also safeguards the quality of data being displayed in dashboards and reports, as many companies wish to delay the data going live until it has been vetted by a trained individual.
If an investigation is required, the NCR moves to Investigation stage where a workspace becomes available. Build up an investigation team and save all relevant information to the one place. Easily organize a sequence of events, collect witness statements and conduct root cause analysis in an efficient, secure manner, before allocating corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs).
Following an NCR it is likely there are CAPAs to be completed. The Pro-Sapien Nonconformance Management Software system comes with the core Action Manager module built in, where all CAPAs are held. Assign CAPAs straight from the NCR form and track progress through an approval workflow. When a CAPA is approaching due date, reminders are automatically sent—and if it goes overdue, an escalation workflow kicks in to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. In order to close the NCR, all associated CAPAs must be completed.
Keep track of all NCR records in a filterable library. View NCRs by Location, Type, Actual Impact and more, or create and save your own personal view. Like all modules, the NCR library is security trimmed, so that users only see information pertinent to their role. For example, a Site Manager would see all NCR records for their location; but the Regional Manager would see all NCRs in the region, and so on.
Make sense of your NCRs with real-time dashboards and reports, configured with KPIs that are meaningful to your business. Pro-Sapien uses a combination of technologies to deliver preconfigured dashboards, both in Pro-Sapien and other Office 365 apps such as Power BI. View your NCR data in charts, graphs, tables and more that you can drill through to access the underlying reports. With a range of visuals and cross-filtering, identifying trends has never been so simple.
The Nonconformance Management module can be implemented as part of a wider Pro-Sapien system to support ISO 9001. We help you achieve this by providing functionality such as:
  • All processes are repeatable and come with a timestamped audit trail
  • Record the follow up process that corrects nonconformances
  • Track customer complaints
  • Conduct internal audits and inspections
  • Manage change requests
  • Monitor and measure how the business is performing with KPI reports
  • Manage corrective and preventive actions with the central Action Manager
If ISO 9001 satisfaction is your goal, we also recommend our Audits & Inspections, Management of Change, and Customer Contact modules. Speak to us today to learn more.



Office 365 Integration

Pro-Sapien is deployed into your company's SharePoint portal in Office 365. That means your employees already know where to find it and how to use it.

Having SharePoint licenses is a prerequisite for using Pro-Sapien. Find out more about what SharePoint integration means here.

Office 365 Integration
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