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Permit to Work Software on Office 365

Manage work permits through issue, handover, extension and close out with Pro-Sapien's software on Office 365

Digital signature capture
Automated notifications
Configurable approval process
Track permits with dashboards

Manage Permit to Work straight from SharePoint

Work permits are an effective way of making sure the associated risks are understood and mitigated prior to hazardous work being carried out onsite. Pro-Sapien’s Permit to Work (PTW) software on SharePoint/Office 365 facilitates the whole process through issue, handover, extension and close out.

Our configurable software is deployed into your SharePoint environment where it is accessed by users. With an integrated Action Manager and intuitive Business Intelligence dashboards, our user-friendly software helps enterprises improve transparency and ensure compliance.

Permit to Work Dashboard
Permit to Work Software
Easily manage work permits through issue, handover, extension and close out for a range of hazardous work including Hot Work and Confined Spaces.

Pro-Sapien's Work Permits system contains various permit types from electrical isolation, to hot work and working at height. Depending on the type of permit chosen, the form can automatically update to request the appropriate information.

As well as managing different permit types, the form manages various sections for signatures, inspections, hand-overs and extensions of work permits.

Upon submission, the form moves through a pre-defined workflow for review and approval based on parameters such as the permit type and site location.

Work Permits are often required when using contractors onsite. Our forms support the ability to approve permits for both employees and contractors using lookup fields, which pull in your list of users from SharePoint or a list of current contractors from a third-party system.

The system can flag where permits are open at the same sublocation where a new permit is being issued. Violation rules are configured in the form to block the issue of a permit, require acknowledgement and comment, or require additional approval as required by the client before the new permit can be submitted.

Reminders can be set as required by the Permit to Work system. When a form is submitted, a reminder will be set automatically by the system to notify the owner of the permit if the permit is not cleared by the expected due date and time.

Permits can be allocated for different timescales and staff or contractors can sign off using various methods such as digital signature.

Assign, track, and manage all follow up tasks with the central Action Manager, implemented with all deployments. Actions can be set automatically by workflows, manually within Permit to Work forms, or straight from the Action Manager area itself. When an action is approaching due date or becomes overdue, notifications can be automatically sent to the appropriate individuals for follow up.

Work permits are associated with a sublocation of a site, and/or an item of equipment, which can be visualized in custom maps of your facilities in a heatmap style.

As with all the forms, appropriate KPI measures can be accessed through SharePoint to see the exact number of permits outstanding, for example. This information can be delivered in configured dashboards or in reports using Microsoft technologies such as Power BI.

See what changes were made, when and by whom to all documentation with SharePoint's classic document control capabilities. Everything done within the system has a full audit trail, so when OSHA comes knocking you have all the information you need to prove your compliance.


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