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Minimize the safety risk of hazardous work using Pro-Sapien's Permit to Work Software on Office 365. Facilitate a smooth authorization process within the Microsoft tools your employees already know.

Faster, smarter permitting with Pro-Sapien

A formal Permit to Work (PTW) system is crucial to communicate hazards and controls for non-routine tasks. Pro-Sapien's Permit to Work software brings automation to this essential process to improve visibility, prompt ongoing checks, and facilitate timely close-out.

Permits like Hot Work, Confined Space Entry, and Work at Height move through a configurable approval workflow, providing full transparency along the way.

Moreover, everything is done within Office 365. Use the platform your employees already know to make Permit to Work easier for everyone.

Pro-Sapien's Permit to Work Software on a tablet

Digitize Permit to Work in Office 365

Many enterprises still rely on carbon-copy paper for their PTW system. However, it's now impossible to ignore the benefits of moving to digital, such as time-savings, auto-detection of conflicts, and valuable audit trails.

Pro-Sapien’s Permit to Work Software gives you the tools you need to level-up, including a single dynamic form, an automated workflow, and configurable dashboards in Power BI. The best part is, it's all in the Microsoft environment you already know. Going digital has never been so familiar! View the demo today →

Request and issue permits in Pro-Sapien's Permit to Work software
Approve and issue permits

Request, issue, extend, clear and close permits in a single convenient location.

Track active permits - Permit to Work Software
Track active work

Immediately see what's happening, when and where in clear, color-coded libraries.

Report on permits in Power BI - Permit to Work Software
Get the bigger picture

View permits on site maps and see Safety KPIs from across the business in Power BI.


Permit to Work

Multiple permits, one form

Select several permit types for one activity. The Pro-Sapien form is dynamic and neatly organized into easy-to-use tabs, providing employees and contractors a single place to view all permit-related information throughout the lifecycle.

Identify isolations

Not all jobs require isolations, but when they do, the Pro-Sapien form allows you to log them one-by-one and keep a record of verifiers. At the time of clearance, the form asks for de-isolation confirmation against each logged item.

Avoid permit conflicts

One of automation's biggest benefits is identifying potential conflicts–using the Sublocation field, Pro-Sapien's system cross-checks all permits to either block simultaneous, nearby activities or route the permit for additional approval.

Timely approval process

Permits move through an approval process complete with automated notifications and reminders. Based on inputs such as Permit Type, Location and Contractor, your Pro-Sapien system knows who is required every step of the way.

Electronic signature capture

Remove the need to print and scan permits thanks to Pro-Sapien's built-in electronic signature capture. Electronic signatures are convenient, simple and secure, and often much more meaningful than checking a box.

Active work dashboards

Give users permit information at their fingertips. Color-coded, permissions-based libraries provide an overview of active permits, so it's easy for Managers to know the activities of today. You can even bring libraries into Teams!

Log inspections

Monitor ongoing work with regular inspections. What's more, the Pro-Sapien form can mandate inspections be logged at various intervals depending on data such as Permit Type or Contractor, complete with electronic signature capture.

Use on iPads and tablets

As with all Pro-Sapien forms, the Permit to Work form is responsive to be user-friendly on any internet-connected device. Allow users to view and sign permits on iPads at the work location, without the need for paper or heavy laptops.

Report on performance

Analyze your Pro-Sapien data in beautiful dashboards and reports. Our Business Intelligence model utilizes Power BI so you can see active permits on site maps, identify trends, and make data-based decisions for safety improvement.

Permit to Work software that works your way

We invest time with you in order to deliver a configured, fit-for-purpose software system. Learn more about How We Work.

Fill out and configure your own dynamic checklists

If your Audits are more checklist-based, we have an intuitive form for that, too. Check out the demo video to see it in action!

Configure the Permit to Work process to your needs

Get started by viewing the demo today

See whether Pro-Sapien's Permit to Work is right for you in our helpful demo video.


Office 365 Integration

Access all things EHS in Office 365 with Pro-Sapien

The natural home of Safety

Keep Safety front of mind for everyone with Pro-Sapien in Office 365. By integrating with the platform employees and executives use daily, Pro-Sapien is simpler to access, easier to use, and better connected. Drive Safety engagement by making it part of the familiar Office 365 hub.

The natural home of Safety

Keep Safety front of mind for everyone with Pro-Sapien in Office 365. By integrating with the platform employees and executives use daily, Pro-Sapien is simpler to access, easier to use, and better connected. Drive Safety engagement by making it part of the familiar Office 365 hub.

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Microsoft 365

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How We Work

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Making EHS easier with Pro-Sapien

South Jersey Industries

"Before, the organization only saw what the Safety team had time to distribute. Now, with Pro-Sapien, safety information is right there on corporate dashboards along with our financial and operations performance ... We couldn’t be happier with Pro-Sapien."

LBC Tank Terminals

"LBC takes a holistic approach to risk management. Therefore, we implemented Pro-Sapien and have improved employee engagement ever since, while capturing a broader spectrum of risks across the company."


"Pro-Sapien has allowed us to solve problems more quickly and has introduced a level of transparency we did not have before. Furthermore, we not only have a functioning system, but a valuable partner to ensure our continued success."

The go-to EHS Software for Microsoft 365 Enterprises

Permit to Work Software is part of Pro-Sapien on Office 365

See our Permit to Work Software for yourself

See Pro-Sapien in action now by watching our demo videos. First, fill in our form to instantly receive a link to the Demo Library. Next, view our Permit to Work demo to see if Pro-Sapien is right for you. We'll then reach out via email to help you with any questions.