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Permit to Work Software on Office 365

Manage work permits through issue, handover, extension and close out with Pro-Sapien's Permit to Work software on Office 365

Manage a range of permit types
Identify and control conflicts
Digital signature capture
Graphical dashboards and reports

Organize work permits and control risk more effectively with Pro-Sapien's Permit to Work Software

Work permits are an effective way of making sure hazards are understood and mitigated prior to work being carried out on site, either by employees or contractors.

Traditionally, Permit to Work (PTW) was managed by Operations. As their role has evolved, EHS Managers now find themselves responsible for this area which is instrumental in controlling EHS risk. Pro-Sapien’s Permit to Work software on SharePoint/Office 365 makes this often complex process more automated, tracked, and useful - in other words, Pro-Sapien makes managing Permit to Work easier.

Our configurable software is deployed into your SharePoint environment. With an integrated Action Manager and intuitive Business Intelligence dashboards, our user-friendly software helps you achieve your goals faster. View a demo today.

Permit to Work software on Office 365
Permit to Work Software
Easily manage work permits through issue, handover, extension and close out for a range of hazardous work including Hot Work and Confined Spaces.

Pro-Sapien's Permit to Work system contains various permit types for keeping track of both employees and contractors. Depending on the type of permit chosen, the form can automatically update to request the appropriate information. Supported permit types include:

  • Asbestos
  • ATEX
  • Confined Spaces
  • Excavation
  • Hot Work
  • Lift Operations
  • Release of Fluid
  • Work at Height
  • Other

As well as managing different permit types, the form manages the entire lifecycle of a permit through issue and receipt, hand-overs, extensions, clearance and close out.

Upon submission, the form moves through a pre-defined workflow based on parameters such as the specific permit type and site location.

Work Permits are often required when using contractors onsite. Our forms support the ability to approve permits for both employees and contractors using lookup fields, which pull in your list of users from SharePoint or a list of current contractors from elsewhere in the system.

Using dashboards and reports that are pre-configured for you, you can track permits by contractor and understand which party is doing what on site.

The system can flag when permits are open at the same sublocation of a new permit being issued. Violation rules are configured in the form to block the issue of a permit, require acknowledgement and comment, or require additional approval before the new permit can be issued.

This adds an additional layer of control around hazardous work, ensuring the risk of conflict is kept to a minimum.

Reminder rules are configured into your Permit to Work system from Pro-Sapien. When the date of work is selected, the permit form will instantly display the date and time that a reminder will be sent to the Permit Owner.

Reminder emails are sent automatically by the system to notify the owner that the permit's due date is approaching. If the permit is not cleared by the expected due date and time, an escalation workflow kicks in to notify line managers and avoid the permit going overdue.

Signatures form an important part of the Permit to Work process. Before being issued, permits must be signed for by an Issuer and a Receiver, indicating that the scope of work has been understood. Similarly, work must be certified to be cleared by an appropriate person before the permit can be closed.

Pro-Sapien's Permit to Work forms support digital signature capture to make the 'sign off' process more meaningful and to enhance the audit trail. Using a desktop mouse, laptop track pad or smartphone touch screen, users easily sign where required, and signatures are available to view throughout the permit's lifecycle.

The Pro-Sapien Action Manager comes with all modules as it is such a key productivity tool. Assign and track all actions and follow up tasks in a central area, whether they're related to permits or standalone items.

Just like a permit, when an action is approaching due date, reminders are sent to the owner to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Every work permit has a location and sublocation, allowing you to visualize where work is taking place on geographical maps. View a region, country or city where you have multiple locations and display active permits in a variety of styles, including as clusters on a heat map.

What's more, you can drill through maps to view a location's list of permits at the click of a button.

Graphical, pre-configured dashboards and reports present your Permit to Work data beautifully and, more importantly, clearly.

Pro-Sapien works with you to incorporate your KPIs and measures, ensuring the outputs make sense to your unique business. View simple pie charts such as Active Permits by Type or drill into more complex visualizations. Powerful cross-filtering capabilities means analysis that might have taken you hours in the past is now completed with the click of a button.

Our Business Intelligence experts invest time with you upfront to deliver dashboards and reports that get you up and running, but that's not all - we'll set you up with the freedom to easily create your own real-time reports going forward, using the likes of Microsoft Power BI.

Capturing the data is only half the story, it's what you do with it that counts. Learn more about our Business Intelligence tools here.

View who did what and when in the History tab on any permit form at any stage. All actions taken on the form are automatically recorded so that when OSHA comes knocking, you're prepared with a full audit trail in Pro-Sapien.



Office 365 Integration

Pro-Sapien is deployed into your company's SharePoint portal in Office 365. That means your employees already know where to find it and how to use it.

Having SharePoint licenses is a prerequisite for using Pro-Sapien. Find out more about what SharePoint integration means here.

Office 365 Integration
Configurable, Flexible
User Friendly
Single Sign On

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