A simple pricing model for your enterprise

Pro-Sapien is designed to be used by large companies and enterprises, with hundreds if not thousands of users. With this in mind, we offer a simple pricing model which is cost-effective for your multi-site organization. Submit your inquiry today to get a tailored estimate.  

Pricing Model

License & Maintenance

$ Annual Fee

The Pro-Sapien License & Maintenance Fee is paid annually and includes access to support from our highly experienced team.

To stay scalable, this is based on how many employees you have and the modules you require.

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$ Services Day Rate

Implementation is the project of setting up and configuring your Pro-Sapien solution.

This fee is influenced by the modules you require and includes specification, end user training, and user acceptance testing (UAT).

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Frequently Asked Questions

🗨️ Is Pro-Sapien for Small-Medium Businesses (SMBs)?

Pro-Sapien is for enterprises requiring powerful EHS software. Our clients tend to be large organizations with an EHS department overseeing thousands of employees. For SMBs, the software is not of the same value. Check out our blog to learn more, What is Enterprise EHS Software?

🗨️ Do you do global implementations?

Around half of our client projects have been global implementations. Pro-Sapien is geared towards enterprises looking to utilize it at multiple facilities internationally, with thousands of employees logging in every day. Visit our clients page to get a feel for the organizations we work with.

🗨️ Is the software "plug and play"?

At the moment, we don't offer “plug and play” deployments. We prefer to partner with clients to implement a configured and fit-for-purpose solution. In our experience, configured systems are more likely to deliver value and successful user adoption.

The Pro-Sapien Suite

Pro-Sapien provides a modular software suite, so you can choose the functionality you require. The system offers the strongest integration with Office 365 that is available in the marketplace.

The simple pricing model includes an Annual License & Maintenance Fee and a onetime Implementation Services fee.

No matter which modules you select as part of your system, Pro-Sapien comes with some key productivity features that underpin every delivery.

Action Manager
Business Intelligence
Document Version Control
Form Editor
Single Sign On
Support Portal
Implementation Services
Audit Trail
Microsoft Office Integration

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