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Quality Management

Provide visibility, consistency and accessibility across the business with Pro-Sapien's Quality Management software on SharePoint

Action Manager
Forms & Workflows
Dashboards & Reports

Support and drive performance improvement

Keeping on top of your organization's performance is paramount in delivering optimal results. For large companies with thousands of employees, Quality Management processes need to be able to cope with ever-growing amounts of data and provide visibility, consistency and accessibility across numerous continents.

Pro-Sapien's Quality Management Software sits within your existing SharePoint portal.  Users will enjoy all the usual benefits of Pro-Sapien's software, namely tight integration with Microsoft Office programs, the ability to report on all information captured, and the management of all aspects of Quality through the centralized company SharePoint portal.

Pro-Sapien's QMS solution supports a number of capabilities for organizations invested in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. We deploy forms, workflows, dashboards and reports. To date, our quality management software is being used throughout the world for:

Quality Incidents
Client Contact
Audits & Inspections
Significant Adverse Event Review (SAER)

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Mobile forms

Pro-Sapien's form-based technology enables the use of mobile platforms.  Because the form is device independent, its possible to use a number of different devices including iPad, iPhone, smartphone and various other tablets as the form resizes and will format according to the screen size.

Quality Management on Mobile

Each module comes with the following features as standard

The Action Manager
Configured forms
Configured workflows
MS Office integration
Interactive dashboards
Self-service reports

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