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Risk Management

Environmental, Health & Safety Risk Management software within your existing SharePoint portal
Action Manager
Forms & Workflows
Dashboards & Reports

Manage Risk Assessments straight from SharePoint

Pro-Sapien's Risk Management software is deployed into your existing SharePoint portal, appearing to the end user as simply another part of the system.

We have a number of risk assessment forms in our portfolio which typically include 5x5 or lopo, mepo and hipo risk matrices.  Our system supports both organizational Risk Assessments and task-based RAs such as Job Safety Analysis, with dynamic forms that change based on various values such as Type and Location.

Attach files to forms

The various risks associated with a particular task can be quickly added to the risk assessment.   Documents including photographs, PDFs and Microsoft Word files can be attached to the risk assessment. It is also possible to integrate a safe system of work into the risk assessment form - these can be printed in A4 or A5 booklet form for toolbox talks and distribution.

Quickly locate forms and SSOW with 'Search'

All forms are held within SharePoint and can be searched for in various ways including data held within the form and also metadata such as when the form was completed and by whom, the approver and approval date, for example. Established Safe Systems of Work (SSOW) have their own library and can be easily located when planning procedures.

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Mobile forms

Pro-Sapien's form-based technology enables the use of mobile platforms.  Because the form is device independent, its possible to use a number of different devices including iPad, iPhone, smartphone and various other tablets as the form resizes and will format according to the screen size.

Risk Assessment Forms on Mobile

Each module comes with the following features as standard

The Action Manager
Configured forms
Configured workflows
MS Office integration
Interactive dashboards
Self-service reports

Safe Systems of Work


Often generated from a risk assessment, our electronic safe systems of work forms have been designed for ease of use and always with the end user in mind. Completed SSOW documents can be printed in A4 or A5 booklet form for toolbox talks and distribution.

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