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Waste Management

Track waste shipments across the business with Pro-Sapien's Waste Management Software on Office 365

Track waste by site
Record shipments
Retain receipts
Supports ISO 14001

Easily track waste management activities without leaving Office 365

The goal of waste management is to reuse or recycle materials as often as possible, complying with local or international regulatory requirements.

Pro-Sapien’s ISO 14001-supportive Waste Management Software is integrated into your existing SharePoint portal, making it easier than ever to track how waste is generated and where it ends up. Recording this information helps you become a more responsible organization on your path to 'zero waste to landfill'.

As with all modules, Waste Management comes packaged with the Pro-Sapien Action Manager and Business Intelligence applications, equipping Environmental Managers with the tools they need to become even more productive.

Waste Management Software on Office 365
Waste Management Software

Pro-Sapien's Waste Management Software in Office 365 lets you track how waste is generated and where it ends up, helping you achieve zero waste to landfill.

Set a schedule of when site waste shipments should be logged by each site in the business.

View past or upcoming shipments in a filterable calendar or library with color coded status.

Automated notifications keep site managers reminded of when a shipment form is due.

Build up the shipment manifest with line items for each type of waste, such as Recyclable, Hazardous, General or Medical Waste.

Waste categorization is used in charts and key performance indicators on dashboards, including normalizations such as Hazardous Waste per $100K Revenue, or General Waste per Square Foot.

Furthermore, you’re in control—system admins can edit the list of waste categories at any time.

Users input the item’s weight in any unit and the system will automatically calculate it into the format you prefer, in real-time.

For example, a user can indicate an item weights 100 kilograms, and the form will automatically convert this into the company’s preferred unit—such as 220.5 pounds—reducing effort for the user.

Keep track of where waste originates from and where it’s going.

Drill down to sublocation level to indicate that this shipment relates to waste from the warehouse, workshop, office, yard or the likes, to give you granular data for KPI reporting.

Record the shipment date, carrier, receipt date and upload the receipt as an attachment.

Sometimes a waste shipment in the schedule may go overdue. In this case, automatic escalation workflows will kick in.

Site managers or responsible parties are notified of a waste shipment before its due date; however, when that date passes, the system notifies line managers that follow up is required.

Capturing the data is only half the story—it’s what you do with it that counts.

View waste shipment data from across the organization, such as Recycling Rate, to gauge performance and identify where efficiencies or improvements could be made.

Data is displayed in user-friendly charts, graphs and maps for easy analysis and drill-through.

Pro-Sapien works with you to configure these dashboards so that you receive a meaningful system that tells you when you need to know.

You’re not left with the dashboards that Pro-Sapien configures for you—accredited users can utilize Microsoft Power BI to create and share their own graphical, real-time reports going forward.

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end users to create their own reports and dashboards.

Learn more about the possibilities of Pro-Sapien and Power BI here.

The Waste Management module can be implemented as part of a wider Pro-Sapien system to support ISO 14001. We help you achieve this by providing functionality such as:

  • All processes are repeatable and come with a timestamped audit trail
  • Regulatory requirements can be stored in a compliance/permits library
  • Capture and monitor environmental data such as waste generation and energy consumption
  • Conduct internal audits and inspections
  • Compare environmental indicators against legal requirements
  • Identify non-compliances by using configured KPIs
  • Manage corrective and preventive actions with the central Action Manager

If ISO 14001 compliance is your goal, we also recommend our Audits & Inspections, Document Management and Energy Consumption modules. Speak to us today to learn more.


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