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Work Permits

Manage safety work permits for a range of activities with Pro-Sapien's enterprise system on SharePoint

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A Safety Work Permit System within your SharePoint portal

By bringing risk assessment to the forefront of operations, the Work Permits process acts as a vital communication tool in understanding the risks involved in certain work, and how to carry out that work properly and safely.

The Pro-Sapien Work Permits system is deployed straight into your existing SharePoint portal for a seamless user experience.

Dynamic forms and configured KPI measures

Pro-Sapien's Work Permits system contains various permit types from electrical isolation, to hot work and working at height.

Permits can be allocated for different timescales and staff or contractors can sign off using various methods such as digital signature.  Furthermore, as with all the forms, appropriate KPI measures can be accessed through SharePoint to see the exact number of permits outstanding, for example.

As well as managing different permit types, the form manages various sections for signatures, inspections, hand-overs and extensions of work permits.

Automated reminders for compliance

Reminders can be set as required by the Work Permits system. When a form is submitted, a reminder will be set automatically by the system to notify the owner of the permit if the permit is not cleared by the expected due date and time.  

What's more, Pro-Sapien's Work Permit forms are set up to use our award-winning mobile technology that combines the ease of use of device independent mobile forms using a responsive UI with all the power of Microsoft enterprise software.

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Mobile forms

Pro-Sapien's form-based technology enables the use of mobile platforms.  Because the form is device independent, its possible to use a number of different devices including iPad, iPhone, smartphone and various other tablets as the form resizes and will format according to the screen size.

Work Permits Forms on Mobile

Each module comes with the following features as standard

The Action Manager
Configured forms
Configured workflows
MS Office integration
Interactive dashboards
Self-service reports

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