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How Well Do You Really Know Health & Safety? [UK]

How Well Do You Really Know Health & Safety?Take this short, fun quiz to find out if you really do know Health & Safety.

There are 10 questions and you'll receive your results at the end.

Let's get started!


How much (estimated) money does preventing an injury save?


A successful incident investigation should focus on finding … 


According to OSHA, what is the correct order to conduct an incident investigation?


Fill the blank: Where there is full cooperation and consultation with union representatives and employees, the number of accidents is _______ that of workplaces where there is no such employee involvement.


Who should the investigation team be led by or report to?


What are almost inevitably the root causes of adverse events? (Check three answers)


Select the THREE real RCA methods from the below list:


What does the word 'accident' imply?


What is the hardest task facing an investigator?


Straightforward incidents usually have a single cause.

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