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Why Pro-Sapien: Boosting EHS Engagement in Enterprises

The most powerful EHS software is nothing without engagement. Discover how your Microsoft 365 enterprise can benefit from Pro-Sapien in this eBook.


Reaching Frontline Workers with EHS on Microsoft 365

Reaching frontline workers (FLWs) can be difficult. However, they have crucial insights into safety on the floor, so how can you engage and empower FLWs in EHS management using Microsoft 365?


The EHS Leader's Guide to Power BI

In this whitepaper, we explore how Power BI helps EHS leaders both to understand performance insights, and to raise EHS awareness at all levels. Have your questions answered and learn how to get started.


Buy vs. Build: Simple to use, simple to build?

The buy vs. build debate is prevalent when it comes to Microsoft 365, and we're often approached by companies that have tried this, and failed. Therefore, we discuss when it is good to buy and when it is good to build.


Building the Business Case for EHS Software

Drawing upon industry knowledge from experts in law, EHS and business, this whitepaper will help you get buy-in for new EHS software. Start building your compelling case now!


Microsoft 365: An EHS Platform No-Brainer?

Even out-of-the-box, Microsoft 365 is a powerful platform, which is why it’s the basis for several add-ins such as Pro-Sapien. Does this make it an EHS no-brainer? In short, no. There’s much more to consider.


Health & Safety Cheat Sheet: Employee Engagement

Businesses with high employee engagement have 70% fewer safety incidents. Get 9 tips to improve employee engagement in this health and safety cheat sheet.


5 Methods of Root Cause Analysis for EHS Incidents

Root cause analysis is an integral part of incident investigation. Learn about 5 of the most used methods.


COVID-19 Return to Work: A Guide to Safety Measures

We spoke to Pro-Sapien clients about their Covid-19 response. Read about what they're doing in this whitepaper, and get ideas for your own pandemic response.


GDPR and Health & Safety: A Guide For HSE Professionals

The Health and Safety department holds a wide range of personal data and will be directly affected by GDPR.


Health & Safety Icons Pack

Download this free pack of health and safety icons including Mandatory, Prohibition, Warning, Fire, Emergency & Standards in PNG format for easy usage.


COVID-19 Icons Pack

Download this free pack of COVID-19 icons including Social Distancing, Wash Your Hands, Do Not Touch Face and more in PNG format for easy usage.