Audit Management

Pro-Sapien's Audits & Inspections software on SharePoint and Office 365

Audit Management Software Brochure

Increase visibility, accountability, and ease of use

Audits & Inspections are two different functions that are often deployed together as part of an enterprise system. With Pro-Sapien's software on SharePoint and Office 365, you can carry out inspections with our editable checklists (you're in control of the questions), perform audits on a schedule or ad-hoc, tailor the whole workflow process and report on all findings. 

Our software takes advantage of the version control and audit features of SharePoint so every version, every approval, when and whom submitted and approved is logged providing an audit trail for the life cycle of all forms. Download the Audits Management brochure to learn more and see whether our module could be what you're looking for.

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Topics covered

  • General module background
  • Form libraries and layouts
  • Notifications
  • Reports and close-out
  • Typical workflow

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