Building a Business Case for EHS Software

Advice for forming a compelling proposal to decision-makers

Building a Business Case for EHS Software

Our considered advice to you

Presenting your plan to the budget holders can be a daunting task, especially as the ROI of EHS software is primarily in the form of lives saved and not in tangible monetary values. However, the importance in question is not whether lives are valuable, but whether software is an efficient way to protect them.  

We've put together this white paper to - first of all - help you discover just how effective software can be, and to then be able to relay that information to the board in a streamlined, prepared and informed manner for maximized resonance. 

Drawing upon industry knowledge from experts in law, EHS and business, this white paper looks at numerous angles of the case for an EHS solution and will help you decide how best to position yours.

Read the whitepaper now:

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Topics covered

  • Facts and figures about non-compliance
  • Estimated costs of enterprise-class EHS software along with an ROI calculator
  • A look at both the tangible and intangible benefits of EHS software
  • Questions you should be ready for, and how to prepare for them
  • To-do lists and a library of resources to get you started

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