Buy vs. Build: Simple to use, simple to build?

An insider's guide to weighing up the benefits

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We occasionally come across the scenario where organizations consider whether it would be cheaper and quicker to build an EHS solution internally. It's crucial that decision makers understand the possibilities, so what are the experts saying?

This industry whitepaper considers the implications of both sides of the debate.

Although a pertinent discussion within the EHS software industry as a whole, the buy versus build issue is especially prevalent when it comes to SharePoint.

Time and time again we are approached by organizations that have tried to build on SharePoint internally, after the project has failed or the delivered system is not fit for purpose - and, unfortunately, many people's views of SharePoint for EHS are tainted by negative experiences with in-house systems in the past.

Here we discuss when it is good to buy, and when it is good to build.

Topics covered

  • The spectrum of strengths of both Buy and Build
  • Statistics from Gartner, Forbes and the Standish Group
  • Key arguments of the debate
  • Pro-Sapien's experience with in-house IT team built programs

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