COVID-19 Return to Work Safety: A Guide to Measures & IT For Safety Managers


Find out how your peers are managing a safe return to work during Covid-19

The 'new normal' in a COVID-19 world is becoming clearer, but many health and safety professionals are still unsure of how to manage the return to work.

What should I do right now? Are my measures reasonable? What needs to change, above and beyond risk controls? This free guide answers these and more.

Pro-Sapien works with health and safety teams in a range of industries, so we did research into how our clients are responding. Surprisingly, some are a long way ahead of others.

Furthermore, there are new opportunities to put IT tools to work that some safety professionals may be missing.

Therefore, in this whitepaper we've included:

  • Steps some US and UK enterprise clients are taking now
  • Results from a survey of 700 on the most important tool going forward
  • How to put your IT tools to use
  • The new opportunity for health and safety investment

Safety professionals should read this guide today to get new ideas that kick-start or enhance your pandemic plan.

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A note from the co-author

Start planning your Covid-19 return to work safety measures

Read the whitepaper today to get new ideas for safety measures and IT usage