EHS Management Software: A 10-Part Guide

What are the benefits? Who uses it? How much does it cost? Get answers with this free resource.

Understand the building blocks of EHS software and the marketplace

EHS software systems have become hugely powerful tools. So much so that it can be a lot for EHS professionals to take in, especially those new to the marketplace, but in our increasingly tech-reliant world having a good grip on the programs available to you will stand you in immeasurably good stead.

As an EHS professional it's likely you'll come across EHS software throughout your career.  You might even be tasked with finding and implementing a new system. This guide will help you with the following.

  • Understand the composition of EHS software systems
  • Know what to consider when conducting the software selection process
  • Be prepared for common challenges such as getting buy-in, or ensuring data protection

Our 10-part guide splits out the what, the why, and the how (and how much) of EHS software systems, including information on the IT that supports them. If you want to have a solid grounding in EHS software knowledge, download this whitepaper for help.

Topics covered

  1. What is Environmental, Health and Safety software?
  2. IT integration of EHS software systems
  3. EHS software processes
  4. Available hosting options
  5. User roles in EHS software
  6. Costs associated with EHS software
  7. Personal Data management and storage
  8. Regulatory and law enforcement bodies
  9. Pro-Sapien EHSQ software systems
  10. Common Environmental, Health and Safety abbreviations

New to EHS software? No problem.

Download this guide to get a handle on the what and the why.