Health & Safety Cheat Sheet: Employee Engagement

Get 9 tips to improve employee engagement in this health and safety cheat sheet

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Businesses with high employee engagement have 70% fewer safety incidents

A top challenge of EHS professionals is employee behavioral reliability—but 1 in 3 employees still feels employers value productivity over safety.

Luckily, consistent safe behavior is a by-product of employees feeling valued and engaged. So how do you make that a reality?

There’s no silver bullet, so we've put together 9 tips to get started. Download this free "cheat sheet" to learn:

  • The safety benefits of engaged employees
  • What not to do (hint: performance-based incentives)
  • How to implement novel ideas like gamification
  • Where to find even more inspiration

Start engaging your employees today for a safer, more sustainable workplace. Get this cheat sheet now.

What employee engagement is

Employee engagement is an emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. It empowers a company to create a strong culture of shared values, including safety.

What employee engagement isn't

Employee engagement is not worker satisfaction or worker happiness.

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