Office 365: An EHS Portal No-Brainer?

Considering Office 365 as a basis for enterprise EHS software

How to make use of your company's investment in Microsoft

One in five corporate employees use Office 365, a suite which includes SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Power BI, Flow, Teams, and more.

Many EHS professionals already utilize Office 365 programs, namely SharePoint, to manage document libraries and workflows. Even out-of-the-box, it’s a powerful platform – which is why it’s the basis for several add-ins, such as Pro-Sapien.

Does this make it a no-brainer? In short, no. There’s much more to consider. Download this paper to understand:

  • Common criteria for EHS software
  • Office 365 capabilities out-of-the-box
  • What Pro-Sapien brings to the table
  • Buying vs. building a solution
  • Which companies its most suited for

Interested practitioners should download this paper to review the applicability, benefits and considerations of leveraging Office 365 for EHS management.



  1. Introduction to Office 365
  2. Selecting EHS software
  3. Why Office 365 for EHS?
  4. What does Pro-Sapien add to Office 365?
  5. Considerations
  6. FAQs

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