Using Power BI for EHS Analytics

Make use of Microsoft's market-leading analytics tools on Office 365

The new landscape of meaningful metrics

EHS professionals need to be equipped with reliable information that supports decision-making and that doesn’t only materialize after hours of data crunching and patience stretched.

Microsoft continues to heavily invest in its business intelligence programs and is considered one of the five main players in the market.

With Pro-Sapien, EHS teams in enterprises can have access to these world-class programs directly from their EHS portal, which is seamlessly placed within Office 365. No-brainer?

In A New Perspective On Intelligence For EHS, we've pulled together a whole host of information to help you;

  • Redefine the boundaries of your 'comfort zone'
  • Consider your choices for the analysis and reporting of EHS information
  • Learn how Power BI and Pro-Sapien work
  • Decide whether this technology would be beneficial for you and your company


  • What's The Problem?
  • Your Comfort Zone Redefined
  • The New Landscape Of EHS Software
  • Choices You Didn't Know You Had
  • Why Microsoft For EHS?
  • EHS Intelligence: Power BI Explained
  • The Answer Is 42
  • Getting Started
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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