Reaching Frontline Workers with EHS on Microsoft 365

Discover how you can reach frontline workers with EHS on Microsoft 365

How can Microsoft 365 help EHS at my organization?

Reaching frontline workers can be difficult - they are less wired in than employees working from computers. And carry out manual labor in often high-risk settings which puts them at the forefront of an effective safety culture. Therefore, EHS leaders need to consider their perspective to understand how to improve safety management across the enterprise.

The ultimate goal is that everyone perceives safety as a seamless part of work, instead of a time-consuming additional element. Integrating EHS management into existing business apps such as Microsoft 365 is a key opportunity to do exactly that – make EHS easy in a familiar environment.

In this paper, we’ll deep dive into the role of frontline workers to understand barriers to safety communication and how Microsoft 365 can help. Download your copy today →

What you'll learn

  • What role do frontline workers play in safety culture and how have their values changed
  • What are common challenges that frontline workers face and how can you address them
  • How EHS on Microsoft 365 helps to engage



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