SharePoint: An EHS Portal No-Brainer?

Considering the benefits and whether it's right for you

SharePoint: An EHS Portal No-Brainer?

Deciding on a new EHS software system?

You may already have the IT you need to support a comprehensive solution.

Selecting a new EHS management system can be a tricky task, with a wide range of solutions on the market. Looking at the technology your company already has that your staff already know how to use could be the factor that predestines the success of your global implementation and user adoption.

Download this free white paper on the benefits of utilizing SharePoint for EHS management, to see why the world's largest organizations are utilizing their investments in Microsoft with Pro-Sapien's enterprise solution.

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Topics covered

  • The kind of EHS functions SharePoint can be utilized for
  • What are the characteristics of companies that typically benefit?
  • The advantages of integration with Microsoft programs
  • How to assess whether SharePoint and Pro-Sapien are right for your organization

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