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Statistics shown in a visual format can be a lot easier to understand than when looking at a large list. Feel free to download any of our EHS infographics for presentations, to share online, or to simply have a look at yourself.

Workplace injuries and fatalities statistics

Visual Literacy

How a clean office can boost productivity

Safety Icons

aviation safety infographic

Employee Perceptions of Workplace Safety

5 Barriers to Reporting

infographic - waste management

Mental health at work

Driverless cars

Top 3 injuries of bonfire night

Top 3 Injuries On Halloween

EHS Analytics: Users vs. Non-Users


International Day of Happiness

UK Sentencing Guidelines Infographic

Top 10 OSHA Violations

Non-Fatal Injuries Across the World

Medical Services

Manufacturing Industry Days Lost

Industrial Waste 2

Global Health and Safety - Mini

Global Health and Safety

Types of Worker Distraction

Europe's Workplace

Canadian Federal Sector

Injuries 2014 - 2015

2010 Compensation Costs