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See the system in action

Before committing time with a vendor, you might first want to see how the software actually works. You can do just that with our demonstration recordings. See the system for yourself and if it looks good, we're right here to help.

What's in the On-Demand Demos library?

The On-Demand Demos library contains both short videos for an overview of the system, and longer videos for a dive into specific modules.

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Overview Snippets

Short, 2-3 minute videos showing various aspects of the software including Landing Pages, Libraries, the Action Manager and Business Intelligence.

Audits & Inspections

Take a look at the Audits & Inspections module in particular, including the forms, workflows and admin area.

Document Management

How Pro-Sapien builds on underlying SharePoint features to help you manage Corporate Policies, Procedures, Permits and more.


This demo shows the Energy Consumption and Waste Management modules, two key functions for maintaining a sustainable business.

Incident Management

How to report, review, investigate and close an Incident and get insights into performance. Includes a look at Power BI.

Learning Management

How to complete, create, edit and track progress of training courses in LMS365, a Pro-Sapien Partner Product.


This demo looks at the Observations module, with its mobile-optimized form that's incredibly easy for employees to fill.

Permit to Work

Walk through the Permit to Work process from issue, to extension, to handover, to clear and close out.

Risk Assessment

A look at conducting a Risk Assessment - including from a template - the approval workflow, and reporting on risk across the business.