Audits & Inspections Software on Office 365


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Pro-Sapien’s Audits & Inspections software is a robust tool for enterprises to efficiently manage EHSQ compliance in the workplace.

What makes it different? It's seamlessly integrated into your SharePoint in Office 365.

This NEW demo recording shows a tour of the Audits & Inspections Software on Office 365, complete with new features like easily editable checklist questions, and the time-saving Finding Templates library.

What you'll learn

In under 20 minutes, you'll see:

  • Building up a list of findings in an Audit
  • Importing from the Finding Templates library
  • Completing an Inspection checklist
  • Editing the questions in an Inspection checklist
  • Reporting on audits and inspections performance in Power BI

Discover what you can achieve with Pro-Sapien by viewing the demo today.

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What you'll receive

By filling out the form, you'll receive instant access to our Demos Library. Here you'll find the new Audits & Inspections demo and more.

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