Create & Conduct COVID-19 Inspections using Pro-Sapien


See how to use Pro-Sapien on Office 365 for COVID-19 inspections

In unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19, you need flexible software that helps your organization respond quickly. Pro-Sapien's EHS Audits & Inspections Software has the configurability to let you do exactly that.

As companies manage the safe return to work, a useful exercise will be a workplace walkthrough, to identify if and where safety measures are lacking. This is something for which you can easily create a dedicated Inspection template in Pro-Sapien.

This NEW demo recording shows how you'd set that up using Pro-Sapien's Audits & Inspections module on Office 365.

What you'll learn

  • Completing a COVID-19 Workplace Walkthrough inspection
  • Marking an outstanding Action as complete
  • Editing and adding new inspection questions
  • Reporting on inspection progress in Power BI

See what you can achieve with Pro-Sapien by viewing the demo today.

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Unforeseen circumstances like COVID-19 require software flexibility, and that's just what we've got.