Incident Management

Report on all of the data you capture with Pro-Sapien's incident management module

In this recorded demonstration...

A friendly user interface, integration and flexibility appear time and time again among the top requirements of companies looking to invest in new EHS Incident Management software. In our Incident Management demo recording, we'll show you how with Pro-Sapien you can have a customized, easy-to-use system right within your existing Office 365 or SharePoint portal. 

Please note: This demonstration originally took place as a live webinar on 17 November, 2016

We are also able to arrange 1-2-1 demonstrations to show you particulars and discuss your needs. Please contact us to get something scheduled.

Topics covered

Software demonstration:

  • Landing pages
  • Safety incident forms
  • Award-winning mobile forms
  • Workflows
  • Action Manager
  • Dashboards and reports (BI)


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