What is SharePoint integration?

Pro-Sapien's seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint is what makes our EHS software different. To our knowledge, no other EHS software vendor can match it's compatibility. Here we answer some SharePoint-related questions you may be pondering when considering our EHS solutions.

Pro-Sapien integrates with SharePoint Online in Office 365

Pro-Sapien's integration with SharePoint

Pro-Sapien comes with lots of neat features, many of which stem from our integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. Features such as single sign on, a friendly user-interface and integration with other Office 365 apps result in better user participation, reduced overheads and increased time-savings.

Single sign on with existing logins

Pro-Sapien becomes part of your SharePoint portal, which means your employees already have an account - their SharePoint one. That's one less barrier to logging in.

A familiar user interface

Pro-Sapien takes on the look and feel of your SharePoint that employees are already used to, meaning you'll spend less time training them on the new system.

Make use of other Office 365 apps

If you're using SharePoint as part of Office 365, there's a range of other apps your Pro-Sapien system can make use of, such as Power BI, Skype for Business and Flow.

Should you use Office 365 for EHS management?

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Download this complimentary whitepaper to take a deeper dive into using Office 365 for EHS management.

FAQs about SharePoint integration

Do I need Microsoft SharePoint in order to use Pro-Sapien?

Yes. Our software is deployed as a SharePoint Add-In which is surfaced through the SharePoint portal. The software is compatible with numerous versions of SharePoint including SharePoint 2016 (on-premise), SharePoint 2019 (on-premise), and SharePoint Online with Office 365 (Azure cloud).

Over 200,000 companies are using SharePoint worldwide. If you're a multi-site, multinational organization it's likely you will be, too. Find out what version of SharePoint you are using by following these steps.


Why would I want to integrate my EHS software with SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is the most used online platform for collaboration in businesses around the world. If an organization is already invested in SharePoint, it makes sense to leverage this existing IT for EHS&Q management.

To find out more about why companies choose SharePoint for EHS, have a look at our Office 365: An EHS Portal No-Brainer? whitepaper.


Can't we just build something on SharePoint ourselves?

Time and time again we are approached by organizations that have tried to build on SharePoint internally, after the project has failed or the delivered system is not fit for purpose.

Our software is not simply a portfolio of enhancements of SharePoint technologies; we've spent many years engaging with scores of proficient, skillful EHS&Q professionals, seeking their practical experience and enabling us to build a functionally rich, flexible, enterprise level solution for compliance.

If your IT team is considering building in-house, why not read our whitepaper on the topic, Buy vs. Build: Simple to use, simple to build?


Pro-Sapien uses connected device authentication or SharePoint logins

Office 365: An EHS Portal No-Brainer?

Many EHS professionals already utilize Office 365 programs to manage document libraries and workflows. Even out-of-the-box, it’s a powerful platform – which is why it’s the basis for several add-ins like Pro-Sapien.

Does this make it a no-brainer? In short, no. There’s much more to consider. Download this complimentary whitepaper to do exactly that.

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  • Office 365 capabilities out-of-the-box
  • What Pro-Sapien brings to the table
  • Buying vs. building a solution
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