The Iconography of Safety

January 18, 2018By Rob LongBlog

Icons and other visual modes of communication are widely used in safety. But why are safety icons focused on the objects rather than the subjects? And why does this matter? Find out the answers from this guest post by Dr. Rob Long.

The Danger of Worker Fatigue

December 13, 2017By Code Red SafetyBlog

From the Exxon Valdez’s oil spill to the world’s largest nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, fatigue is dangerous and has no place in the workplace. Worker fatigue is caused by continuous lack of sleep (less than 8 hours a night, on average), long work hours, inclement weather condition, or by work that is physically and mentally demanding, such as in the construction and oil industries. As fatigue reduces a worker’s alertness, errors and injury ensues. Proper sleep during the workweek and the right amount of rest during off-hours will help the workplace stay safe.