OSHA Recordkeeping New Rule: Top 3 Challenges

By Hannah StewartBlog

The new OSHA recordkeeping rule is capitalizing on the power of transparency, but it has been and still is a controversial update. It’s correct to say that public scrutiny is sometimes the kick that companies need in order to improve, but will the benefits be worth the challenges? First of all, what is the new … Read More

Incident Investigation and Imagination by Dr Rob Long

By Rob LongBlog

The latest of our guest blogs for #IMM2016 is reprinted here by kind permission of Dave Collins at safetyrisk.net. In this article, Social Psychology expert Dr. Rob Long, Principle Trainer at Human Dymensions, discusses incident investigation and the limits of risk imagination. ‘Everything you can imagine is real’ – Pablo Picasso I often get asked … Read More

Why an incident management month?

By Steve HunterBlog

This November, Pro-Sapien is holding the first annual Incident Management Month, or #IMM2016.I know you’re probably thinking that every day seems to play host to some obscure national holiday or celebration (November alone sees Cook for Your Pet Day, National Sandwich Day and National Pickle Day, amongst others), but we at Pro-Sapien believe that highlighting the importance of … Read More