Will AI Solve Your Workplace Safety Problems?

By Irene ZuecoBlog

Workplace safety and technology are thoroughly intertwined. From Excel spreadsheets to full-blown EHS software, most EHS professionals now use technology to save time and effort while ensuring workplace safety. However, a new form of technology has entered the world of EHS. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniably a big part of our lives. Whether it … Read More

A Guide to Wearable Safety Technology in EHS

By Holly CallenderBlog

Let’s face it: wearable safety technology is everywhere these days. Don’t know where to start? We found out which wearables are making waves in the EHS industry today, and why. Read more: 5 Ways AI Increases Workplace Safety and Productivity » Read on for a background in wearable tech, where the market is headed, and … Read More