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Using LMS365 with HSEQ Innovate: An Introduction to Learning Management

Pro-Sapien, LMS365
March 6, 2019
11:00 EST | 08:00 PST

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Training information is a crucial leading indicator in EHS management, so it's unsurprising that Learning Management Systems (LMS) are a top desirable of EHS leaders in 2019. Pro-Sapien has partnered with LMS365 to give you the software tools you need, all in one familiar location - but how does it work?

LMS365, by ELEARNINGFORCE International, is the leading LMS on Office 365. Since Pro-Sapien is the leading EHS software on Office 365, it made sense for us to team up - to remove yet more silos and encourage a more connected approach to EHS.

In this 40-minute webinar, you can expect to learn:

  • Why you'd want to integrate your LMS and EHS software
  • How LMS365 and Pro-Sapien come together in your Office 365
  • How to create courses and track learner progress
  • How to use Pro-Sapien dashboards with your LMS data

Whether you're an existing Pro-Sapien or LMS365 client, or new to us altogether, you'll come away with ideas for improvement at your own company. Save your space today.

Pro-Sapien and LMS365 are partners

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Presented By

Andy Gray, Pro-Sapien

Andy Gray is the Principal Consultant at Pro-Sapien and one of the company’s founding directors. Andy's experience lies within everything SharePoint, SQL and Azure, as he works closely with Pro-Sapien clients around the world to deliver fit-for-purpose EHS solutions.

Lars Kjærsgaard, ELEARNINGFORCE Intl

Lars Kjærsgaard has been part of ELEARNINGFORCE International for more than six years and works as Senior Business Manager. His focus is on developing the UK, Irish and ANZ markets for the LMS365 product suite. In addition, he handles sales both direct and through partners in the previously mentioned markets.

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Who should watch this?

  • EHS software buyers researching the marketplace
  • EHS services providers looking for partnership opportunities
  • EHS management professionals looking for inspiration or ideas
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