5 Reasons To Get New EHS Software NOW (During COVID-19)

By Irene ZuecoBlog

The example rule theorizes that immediately after a large-scale disaster, our risk perception increases. We give more attention to future preparedness plans. However, as time goes by, our memory diminishes—and our perception of risk with it. When it’s not as easy to recall an example of a disaster, we tend to again underestimate that risk. … Read More

COVID-19 Inspection

We spoke to Pro-Sapien clients about their Covid-19 response. Read about what they’re doing in this whitepaper, and get ideas for your own pandemic plan, including what IT to use (some of which you may already have).

Is Your Permit To Work System Ready For COVID-19?

By Irene ZuecoBlog

COVID-19 has forced some major workplace safety changes. Now Health and Safety personnel need to ask: does everyone doing work onsite understand these measures? The difference between ‘yes’ and ‘no’ involves a well-considered permit to work system. A formal permit to work (PTW) system documents what work is happening, when and where. A workflow tracks … Read More

COVID-19 Resources

EHS professionals are the driving force of COVID-19 response in business. Therefore, here EHS professionals will find resources from Pro-Sapien to help you plan, implement and evaluate new safety measures in the workplace.

How Are Traditionally Low Risk Offices Coping With COVID-19?

By Irene ZuecoBlog

When the COVID-19 outbreak began, few perceived the world would be affected this much. Seemingly low risk aspects of life suddenly have the potential to cause incredible harm, such as grocery shopping, meeting family, or being near a colleague. The world has changed in an unprecedented manner, and we have been forced to work outside … Read More

6 Ways to Use Pro-Sapien for COVID-19 Response

By Pro-Sapien TeamBlog

The coronavirus that’s sweeping the world is forcing billions of people to find new ways of doing things. Nowhere is that truer than when it comes to work. Much of the world is now working from home. However, essential workplaces such as oil rigs and trade ports must stay open, with new safety measures designed … Read More

Working From Home During COVID-19: Risks and Tips

By Irene ZuecoBlog

In these uncertain times, a lot of us have changed our office desk for the kitchen table, and although we certainly feel safer from the raging pandemic outside, working from home can have its own risks to watch out for. In 2019, only 5% of all UK workers said they mainly worked from home, which … Read More