EHS Management Software for your Microsoft 365 Enterprise

Pro-Sapien's powerful EHS Management Software integrates into your Microsoft 365. Improve engagement and reduce admin by deploying our easy-to-use solution, on the platform your enterprise already knows.


EHS Management Software Saves Time & Increases Visibility

Pro-Sapien on Microsoft 365 makes EHS easier for everyone. With a range of functions such as Incident Management, Audits, Energy Tracking and beyond, Pro-Sapien's EHS management software automates processes and increases traceability to help organizations stay compliant, and safe.


EHS Management Software Modules



EHSQ Audit Software to help your business ensure the compliance of site conditions with regulations, standards, and company policies.

Audit Software →

Energy Usage

Fully configurable Energy Usage Software to track gas, water, and electricity consumption and calculate Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

Energy Usage Software →

Incident Management

Incident Management Software to promptly record, investigate, and respond to safety events including illness, injuries, and near-misses.

Incident Management Software →


EHSQ Inspections Software that lets you catch potential issues before they cause harm, with a completely configurable form.

Inspections Software →


Fully configurable Nonconformance Management Software to easily catch, address, and learn from quality issues such as client complaints.

Nonconformance Software →


Easy-to-use software for employees to proactively flag safety, environmental and security hazard observations for correction.

Observations Software →

Permit to Work

Flexible Permit to Work Software that helps ensure the safety of hazardous work including Confined Space, Hot Work, and more.

Permit to Work Software →

Power App NEW

Available on Microsoft Power Apps, the Pro-Sapien Offline App enables workers to report data on a mobile without internet.

Offline Power App →


Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Software to identify and control risk across the business, with rating rules, review schedules, and templates.

Risk Assessment Software →

Waste Tracking

Waste Tracking Software that lets you record shipment manifests and calculate your progress against zero waste to landfill goals.

Waste Tracking Software →

Contractor Register

A centralized, easy-to-use Contractor Register to manage contractors, suppliers and agencies and their approval status.

Contractor Register Software →


Document Management

Enhance the native Microsoft 365 document management features with Pro-Sapien functionality designed for EHSQ teams.

Document Management →



Action Manager

EHS management software would be incomplete without follow up actions. The Pro-Sapien Action Manager makes creating and following-through on corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) easer with a centralized Microsoft 365 library. Automation and tracking features help enterprises to improve visibility, save time, and ensure standards are met across the globe.

More about Pro-Sapien Action Manager →



Meet EHS and ESG obligations year round with the Pro-Sapien Scheduler, now part of our Core platform. Set up recurring action requirements to stay on top of compliance tasks, such as audits, inspections, and energy logs. The Scheduler integrates with all Pro-Sapien modules to supercharge your action management.

More about Pro-Sapien Scheduler →


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Collecting the data is only half the story—it's what you do with it that makes the difference. Analyze all your Pro-Sapien EHS management software data in beautiful, easy-to-use Power BI reports. Calculate rates, identify trends, and measure your KPIs. Pro-Sapien is designed specifically for the leading business intelligence platform, equipping your business with valuable health and safety insights.

More about Pro-Sapien Business Intelligence →

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Microsoft 365 Integration

The natural home of EHS management

Keep EHS front of mind for everyone. By integrating with the Microsoft 365 platform employees and executives use daily, Pro-Sapien is simpler to access, easier to use, and better connected, helping you drive EHS engagement across your enterprise.

The natural home of EHS management

Keep EHS front of mind for everyone. By integrating with the Microsoft 365 platform employees and executives use daily, Pro-Sapien is simpler to access, easier to use, and better connected, helping you drive EHS engagement across your enterprise.

Microsoft 365

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How We Work

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Features & Benefits

Easy to Use
Mobile Ready
Azure Security


Easy EHS Management with Pro-Sapien

South Jersey Industries

"Before, the organization only saw what the Safety team had time to distribute. Now, with Pro-Sapien, safety information is right there on corporate dashboards along with our financial and operations performance ... We couldn’t be happier with Pro-Sapien."

Widespread Visibility Into Safety →

LBC Tank Terminals

"LBC takes a holistic approach to risk management. Therefore, we implemented Pro-Sapien and have improved employee engagement ever since, while capturing a broader spectrum of risks across the company."

370% Increase in Near Miss Reporting →

The EHS Management Software for Microsoft 365 Enterprises

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