About Us

EHS software as easy as email.

It's our mission to put Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) at the core of business. Through great software on Office 365, we want to make EHS second-nature to everyone across your enterprise.

Whether that's reporting a near miss or managing actions, our goal is to make EHS software as easy as email. In other words, EHS should be familiar, easy, and a big part of culture.

Let's help each other spend less time on admin, and more time on things that matter.

Our Story

From 2000, as part of another Glasgow tech company, Pro-Sapien's founders specialized in business intelligence solutions on SharePoint. (Yes, 2000 was the very first SharePoint version!)

Delivering several custom, SharePoint-based safety management systems for clients, our founders realized a SharePoint-shaped gap in the growing safety software market. So many enterprises use SharePoint—and many try, and fail, to build something on it themselves. Therefore, what we'd created could help health and safety teams the world over.

As well as developing great software, our founders set out to build a business where people love coming to work. So, they created Pro-Sapien in 2012.

From the get-go, the goal was global. In our first 12 months of business, we brought onboard big names like BAE Systems and VINCI plc, our software already working globally to keep staff safe across companies, countries and continents.

Over the years, we've expanded our environmental, health and safety functionality; we've migrated our clients to SharePoint Online in Office 365; and we've learned so much along the way. Today, enterprises are using Pro-Sapien's EHS software from Chicago to Hong Kong, supported by staff in our home city of Glasgow and our home-away-from-home, Toronto.

About Us
We work with EHS teams around the world

Who We Serve

Given the nature of SharePoint, we designed Pro-Sapien for enterprises. One of the biggest challenges of EHS management in enterprises is having a single source of truth, which Pro-Sapien solves by keeping everything within Office 365 and Azure.

Typically, it's organizations in high risk or highly regulated industries that require the comprehensiveness of Pro-Sapien. Thanks to the flexibility of our software, we work with enterprises in numerous industries, including Oil & Gas, Environmental Services, Chemicals, Logistics & Supply Chain, and more.

What do they pay for? EHS software that's easy to access and easy to use. That means: forms to capture EHS information, workflows to respond to it, and dashboards to track what's going on, where, and why.

Moreover, we partner closely with our clients. We build strong, trusting relationships that span years, with the vision that every client has an amazing experience they want to shout about. Just ask our customers like Peterson, ASCO or LBC Tank Terminals—at Pro-Sapien, we bring our core values to everything we do.

Subsequently, we won't say "yes" to everything just to get the sale, which doesn't lead to anything good. Instead, we are truthful, thoughtful, and open, realizing our goal in common with EHS professionals: to find something that works.

Who We Are

We are Pro-Sapien people. That means we're enthusiastic individuals invested in something bigger.

Furthermore, we're computer geeks, dog lovers and bike enthusiasts; but most importantly, we're dedicated to our clients' success in keeping workers safe and the environment cared for.

Find out how we bring our core values to everything we do.

What makes EHS software like email?

Email has become second-nature to us, so we believe EHS software should be the same. For that, you need accessibility.

Too many EHS IT systems are impractical, out of reach, and quite frankly, a pain. Instead, Pro-Sapien is right there in the software you use everyday: Office 365.

In short, we're here to help you make EHS software as easy as email. With Pro-Sapien in Office 365, EHS is on the same platform as Outlook!

Pro-Sapien EHS software on Office 365
Pro-Sapien means "for wisdom"

What does Pro-Sapien mean?

Pro-Sapien translates into Latin as “for wisdom”.

We develop solutions to, quite literally, provide wisdom about EHS. Importantly, our software helps you make wise decisions about reducing risk, to protect employees and the environment.

Want to wise up? Start by checking out Pro-Sapien in action today.

Good To Know

Gold Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Certified Partner, we've passed numerous tests and have proven skills on Microsoft programs. Therefore, we're confirmed as official, effective and able to support customers with our Microsoft Certified Product.

ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 Certified

Pro-Sapien is certified as being compliant with ISO 27001 in managing the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details or information entrusted to us by clients.

JOSCAR Registered

JOSCAR Certified

Pro-Sapien is JOSCAR accredited on the invitation-only register for suppliers to the Aerospace & Defense industry. Compliance criteria concerns personnel, legal, finance, insurance, cyber security, and data privacy.

ICO Registered

ICO Registered

Pro-Sapien is a Data Controller registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in the UK. We are compliant with the EU GDPR and we are committed to maintaining this level of protection across jurisdictions.

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