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First up, what's so special about Pro-Sapien?

What a question! Pro-Sapien is an incredibly customer-focused organization, and we believe our client relationships are testament to that. However, our software's integration with SharePoint is what really makes us different. Back in 2007, our leadership team identified the need for a SharePoint-based EHS management solution, and since then we remain the go-to provider for exactly that.

Take a look at a demo video to see what we mean 😉

Our software is used at thousands of client locations throughout the world, but we primarily work with organizations headquartered in North America and Europe.

Around half of our client projects have been global implementations. Pro-Sapien is geared towards enterprises looking to utilize it at multiple facilities internationally, with thousands of employees logging in every day. Visit our clients page to get a feel for the organizations we work with.

Pro-Sapien's software is designed for enterprises requiring cross-process functionality and powerful analytics. Our clients tend to be highly regulated, mid- to large-sized organizations, with an EHS department overseeing thousands of employees.

For small or medium businesses, the software is not of the same value and, as such, may be harder to build a case for.

We prefer to partner with clients to implement a configured and fit-for-purpose solution. In our experience, configured systems are more likely to deliver value and successful user adoption. As a result, we don’t offer “plug and play” deployments.

Our software is an "add-in" application to a client’s SharePoint, although it is so much more than that. This means users access it through SharePoint, which is what makes us different to other vendors. Check out our What is SharePoint Integration? page for more info.

Pro-Sapien utilizes some of the underlying features of SharePoint, but the majority is Pro-Sapien owned intellectual property (IP).

We believe in delivering fit-for-purpose solutions, so we expect a level of configuration with every new deployment. This varies case to case, but most clients cite our software’s configurability as a key reason they chose us. In fact, we offer one of the most flexible commercial EHS software systems on the market, and we'll spend time with you upfront to make it work the way you do.

We regularly perform third party integrations with programs such as ERP systems. This allows clients to bring through data such as man hours worked. We also partner with other closely aligned solutions, such as LMS365, to enhance our software’s value for clients.

This depends on your requirements and your current SharePoint version. The software is available both on-premise and in the cloud (Microsoft Azure). Clients can choose to host Pro-Sapien's software behind their firewall, in their own Azure, or in Pro-Sapien’s Azure.

Pro-Sapien works with global organizations

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