EHS on Office 365

Manage EHS right within Microsoft Teams

Pro-Sapien's EHS Software on Office 365 lets organizations use Microsoft Teams for more integrated EHS management. It's never been easier to manage Environmental, Health & Safety in your Teams company hub.

Microsoft Teams puts EHS Management where the people are

Say hello to EHS management in the apps you use every day. Pro-Sapien's EHS Management Software on Office 365 integrates seamlessly with Teams, so you can:

  • Engage frontline workers in EHS management
  • Easily complete EHS forms such as incidents & inspections
  • Manage corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs)
  • Analyze and collaborate on Power BI EHS reports
  • Increase the visibility of EHS throughout the organization

For Microsoft 365 enterprises, Pro-Sapien is the natural choice to increase EHS engagement, efficiency, and productivity.

Pro-Sapien EHS Software on Office 365 integration with Teams
Complete Safety inspections and other EHS forms using Pro-Sapien in Teams
Complete forms in Teams

Make it easy for employees to report incidents, conduct inspections and more.

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Manage EHS-related actions with Pro-Sapien in Microsoft Teams
Manage approval and actions

Approve information and stay on top of follow up actions, locally or globally.

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Bring Pro-Sapien EHS Management Power BI reports into Teams
Collaborate on performance

Bring Pro-Sapien Power BI reports into Teams to track EHS trends and share progress.

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Why use Pro-Sapien in Microsoft Teams?

The success of Teams brings frontline workers to Microsoft 365 and presents a huge opportunity to promote Environmental, Health and Safety management. Putting EHS software in the employee hub increases access, visibility, and a sense of ownership for all involved.

However, Teams out-of-the-box is not fit for EHS management in enterprises, which is why Pro-Sapien is required. As a SharePoint-based application, Pro-Sapien works natively in Teams, bringing helpful features such as single sign on (SSO) and valuable benefits such as increased adoption and time savings.

Ultimately, Pro-Sapien combines the benefits of traditional EHS management software with the accessibility of Microsoft 365, providing the perfect blend of power and ease. By integrating with the platform employees and executives use daily, Pro-Sapien helps you keep EHS front of mind for everyone.

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See the Pro-Sapien EHS Microsoft Teams integration in action

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Making EHS easier with Pro-Sapien

South Jersey Industries

"Before, the organization only saw what the Safety team had time to distribute. Now, with Pro-Sapien, safety information is right there on corporate dashboards along with our financial and operations performance ... We couldn’t be happier with Pro-Sapien."

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LBC Tank Terminals

"LBC takes a holistic approach to risk management. Therefore, we implemented Pro-Sapien and have improved employee engagement ever since, while capturing a broader spectrum of risks across the company."

370% Increase in Near Miss Reporting →


"Partnering with a technology provider that understands our commitment to raising the bar for health and safety was key to this project's success, and we are pleased to have found that in Pro-Sapien ... we've been impressed with the service throughout."

80% Less Time on Monthly Reporting →

The go-to EHS Software for Microsoft 365 Enterprises

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