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We are Pro-Sapien people, playing an active part in something special. Together, we help keep workers safe and the environment cared for, while supporting each other to progress and achieve. Our mission is to make EHS as familiar as email, and to make our people proud to be Pro-Sapien.

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Our Core Values

Read first-hand experiences from Pro-Sapien team members about how we bring our values to everything we do.


Integrity means doing the right thing, even when no-one’s looking. We are honest and sincere, with no time for hidden agendas. Pro-Sapien people lead with transparency and inspire others to do the same.

"From the outset, it's clear there are no illusions here. Everyone is transparent and clear about what we're trying to achieve, which made joining the team very easy." —Calum G.


Let’s talk to each other like regular people. Whether answering questions, asking them; giving feedback or receiving it, we will always be approachable, friendly and open.

“Everyone is reachable and open, including our directors. At our regular company catch ups we’re all included in how the business is doing, which helps us shape where it’s going. It’s incredibly motivating.” —Irene Z.


We start with one goal: create something that works. And for that, we need collaboration. Here, there is no such thing as “that’s not my job.” Everyone plays an important part in the success of Pro-Sapien.

“It’s not just within our own teams, there’s collaboration across the business. All the small bits of help here and there add up to a highly productive environment, making use of everyone’s strengths.” —Reza H.


We are flexible, which is enabled by strong trust. Having the freedom to try different things helps us be engaged, inquisitive and productive in delivering amazing results for our clients.

“I’ve had the chance to work on various aspects around my role to find what suits me best. In the process, I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of our products and services, as well as my own strengths and interests.” —Colin E.


We look out for one another. Everyone, regardless of role, level or seniority, has the capacity to listen. We put ourselves in the other’s shoes to find the best way forward, because success is better when it’s shared.

“During times of uncertainty in the world, management has been very understanding of our needs. It has made what could have easily been a negative experience into a positive one.” —Ryan M.


Speak the truth. Share your knowledge. Recognize the “something bigger”. And do it all with grace. We respect each other for who we are and what we contribute to the world through Pro-Sapien.

“As a woman in tech, especially as an intern, often you can feel spoken over or pushed to the side. That has never been the case at Pro-Sapien, where I feel respected by everyone. We all treat each other fairly.” —Elena M.

Whatever life has in store, together we can climb mountains.

We aim high for our clients while staying true to who we are. A well-functioning team is the key to ongoing customer success, come rain or shine.

Whatever life has in store, together we can climb mountains.

We aim high for our clients while staying true to who we are. A well-functioning team is the key to ongoing customer success, come rain or shine.

Our Culture

What's it like to be part of Pro-Sapien?

It's impossible for a company's culture not to affect their conduct. Therefore, the environment we create for our employees helps us always go above and beyond for our customers. We're committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best talent who align with our core values, because we want everyone who comes into contact with Pro-Sapien to have a positive experience - whether you're a client, prospect, partner or peer.

Put simply, better people make Pro-Sapien better.

My First Day at Pro-Sapien

First impressions are lasting impressions. Here's how Irene felt joining the Pro-Sapien team.

How We Set Our Values

Learn how we worked together to put Pro-Sapien's culture on paper.

Enjoy the everyday

We enjoy the everyday (and more)

At Pro-Sapien, there's opportunity for joy every day and it's our goal that everyone looks forward to coming into work. But what about go-karting? Bake off? Figuring out the Escape Room together? You're on. Not only is Pro-Sapien a place to grow, it's a place to have fun 🙂

Our pledge to Pro-Sapien people

As a Scottish business, we have taken the Scottish Business Pledge as part of our commitment to equality, fairness and sustainability. The pledge is made up of nine elements, including commitment to pay the living wage, investment in innovation, and taking opportunities to make international connections and access new markets.

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