What is Microsoft 365 integration?

Pro-Sapien's seamless integration with Microsoft 365 is what makes our EHSQ software different. Learn more about what that means for you.

Bring EHS into your everyday apps

Pro-Sapien is cloud-based software built into Microsoft 365 for organizations to manage Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Quality. Utilizing Microsoft 365 with Pro-Sapien allows companies to maximize their investment in the Microsoft platform while making it easier to capture, track and share EHS information.

Primarily, Pro-Sapien is deployed into your SharePoint in Microsoft 365. This opens the door to leveraging other 365 apps for EHS management too, such as Teams and Power BI. In other words, Pro-Sapien puts EHS in the programs your organization uses every day, helping you keep it top of mind for everyone.

Ultimately, it's our mission to provide EHS software as easy as email, and integration with Microsoft 365 is a key part of that goal. With the responsibilities of EHS professionals expanding, Pro-Sapien gives you the right tools to spend less time on admin, and more time on things that matter.

SharePoint Integration

Manage all Pro-Sapien forms, libraries and workflows in your corporate SharePoint environment.

Teams Integration

Access Pro-Sapien in Teams to engage employees in EHS on the app they use everyday.

Learn more about using Teams for EHS →

Power BI Integration

Report on your EHS data in Power BI, with KPIs and rolling rates configured to your requirements.

Learn more about using Power BI for EHS →


Manage all Pro-Sapien forms, libraries and workflows in your corporate SharePoint environment.


Access Pro-Sapien in Teams to engage employees in EHS on the app they use everyday.

Power BI

Report on your EHS data in Power BI, with KPIs and rolling rates configured to your requirements.

Benefits & Results

If Microsoft 365 is already culturally accepted across your enterprise, a huge opportunity exists for EHS. Benefits of Pro-Sapien's Microsoft 365-based solution include:

  • Increase EHS employee engagement through the apps they already know
  • Save time on admin and remove duplication of effort
  • Standardize process across multiple sites and regions
  • Get insights and improve EHS performance using Power BI
  • Align EHS with corporate IT strategy


Microsoft 365: An EHS Platform No-Brainer?

Many EHS professionals already utilize Office 365 to manage document libraries and workflows. It’s a powerful platform, which is why it’s the basis for several add-ins, including Pro-Sapien. However, does this make it a no-brainer? In short, no. There’s much more to consider. Take a deeper dive with this whitepaper today.

Simpler to access

With Pro-Sapien, there's no new website to go to, and no new passwords to remember. Simply log in to Microsoft 365, and Pro-Sapien is right there. Now that's single sign on!

Office 365 Login

Easier to learn

Pro-Sapien is within your Microsoft 365, making it much easier for users to pick up quickly. Combined with configuration, Pro-Sapien helps you get everyone engaged in EHS, your way.

Pro-Sapien in Office 365

Better connected

Pro-Sapien is built for EHS analytics in Power BI. You'll be putting EHS on the same dashboards as Finance, Operations and Sales to get your message heard across the entire organization.

Sales, Procurement and EHS charts in Power BI

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need Microsoft 365 to use Pro-Sapien?

Yes. Integration with Microsoft 365 is the top reason organizations choose Pro-Sapien, as enterprises seek to boost EHS engagement and leverage IT's investment. In technical terms, our software is an Azure-hosted SharePoint add-in which we deploy to your Microsoft 365 environment. Users access Pro-Sapien through SharePoint or, increasingly, Teams, and we also make use of Microsoft Power BI for dashboards and reports.


Do you use Microsoft Forms and Power Automate?

We don't use Microsoft Forms or Power Automate as part of our core product. There are several reasons for this, including their intended use and limitations. Instead, Pro-Sapien forms are our own technology and our workflows are powered by Azure Functions. However, Microsoft Forms and Power Automate can be used in conjunction with Pro-Sapien. For example, clients can create a Power Automate flow to send Pro-Sapien notifications to connected apps.


Do you provide software support?

Yes! Even though it's accessed through your SharePoint, Pro-Sapien is similar to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Therefore, software support is handled by our in-house team of Pro-Sapien experts. We pride ourselves on good working relationships with our customers and all support staff have the ability to escalate issues directly with the product development team. Find out more about Support.


Can we set up your software ourselves?

You can make changes internally in future, but Pro-Sapien's EHS software is a configurable, enterprise application that we set up for you. We conduct specification workshops with you to scope your configurations, which we implement on a development environment before deploying to your SharePoint environment. Furthermore, we also guide you through User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and provide training. For more information, learn about how we work.


Does Pro-Sapien integrate with Microsoft Teams?

Pro-Sapien's EHS management software integrates with Microsoft Teams. This convenience feature helps organizations engage employees in EHS management, by putting things like Inspections and Observations forms in the app they already use daily. Additionally, Teams integrates with Power BI, so you can bring through your Pro-Sapien reports into a single workspace. For more information, please see our Teams Integration page.


Our IT team is considering building in-house.

Often, we're approached by organizations after their in-house build project has failed or is no longer supported. Internal builds carry a range of risks, whereas EHS software on Office 365 is what we do. Subsequently, we've spent many years engaging with EHS professionals to build our rich, flexible solution. Moreover, the Microsoft platform is changing at a speed that quickly puts internally built systems out of date. For more, read our whitepaper Buy vs. Build.


Does Pro-Sapien integrate with other apps too?

Yes, we regularly set up third party integrations with programs such as ERP systems. Frequently, this is to bring through data including man hours worked, which is required for calculations in EHS reports such as incident rates. It's in our nature to be flexible, so we're always open to exploring third party integration options on a client-by-client basis.


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