Top Winter Safety Tips 2019 for the Workplace

By Holly CallenderBlog

Making sure people are safe at work is the core of the EHS professional’s responsibilities, but do you place your own health under the same importance? As workplace mental health is becoming more visible, let’s look at how you can promote your own mental well-being at work, as part of our Workplace Mental Health blog series.

An Introduction To Industrial Hygiene

By Hannah StewartBlog

Since its inception in the 1940s, industrial hygiene has become mandatory. Consequently, all North American and the majority of Western employers implement an industrial hygiene – or if you’re in Europe – program. Unfortunately, as the industrial hygienist’s role falls under the EHS umbrella, we often overlook their unique responsibilities. So, what makes an industrial … Read More

Injury Prevention And The Hierarchy Of Hazard Controls

By Marshall CrumBlog

In the real world, injuries happen. However, not all injuries are created equally. In other words, first aid injuries are not as serious as broken bones and broken bones are not as serious as a fatality. Injury incidents and fatalities are decreasing in almost every industry, but when an injury does happen, it is usually … Read More