Can I Use SharePoint for Safety Management?

By Hannah StewartBlog

SharePoint is a diverse Microsoft software application. It is the most popular collaboration and document management system in the world, with over 190 million users. SharePoint’s diversity has led to adoption across business functions, including Safety Management—so how can you use it, and should you? SharePoint has key functional areas assisting with safety management processes, … Read More

5 Points From The Trinity ‘EHS Using Microsoft’ Event

By Hannah StewartBlog

On September 27, 2017 we teamed up with Trinity Consultants to deliver a training webinar on the topic of Microsoft programs for EHS management. From Trinity, Adam Fornea, Business Consultant discussed best practices for implementation and how Microsoft solutions can reduce the risk of pitfalls. Andy Gray, Principal Consultant and Murray Ferguson, Director at Pro-Sapien … Read More

4 Ways Blue-Chips Kick EH-asS With Office 365

By Murray FergusonBlog

There is a plethora of environmental, health and safety software applications out there. All have their strengths and weaknesses, and in some respects, their downfall is they’re just that – ‘EHS software’. A new approach is to create an EHS software solution that is accessible and familiar with all users. What better place to start … Read More