Can I Use SharePoint for Safety Management?

By Hannah StewartBlog

SharePoint is a diverse Microsoft software application. It is the most popular collaboration and document management system in the world, with over 190 million users. SharePoint’s diversity has led to adoption across business functions, including Safety Management—so how can you use it, and should you? SharePoint has key functional areas assisting with safety management processes, … Read More

Will Health and Safety Ever Die?

By Hannah StewartBlog

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) became a profession around the mid-1900s, and has been the subject of satire and frustration ever since. OHS saves millions of lives, but as we see more and more workplace tasks automated, will health and safety ever die? Many things threaten Health and Safety – deregulation, public opinion, corporate greed … Read More

Can Single Sign On (SSO) Encourage Hazard Reporting?

By Hannah StewartBlog

Single sign on (SSO) is the ability to access several software programs with one login. It’s a feature most software buyers look for—and a marginal gain that can help EHS professionals mitigate against under-reporting. Here’s how. The average person has a whopping 70-80 passwords, and EHS software is yet another application that requires a login. … Read More

Will AI Solve Your Workplace Safety Problems?

By Irene ZuecoBlog

Workplace safety and technology are thoroughly intertwined. From Excel spreadsheets to full-blown EHS software, most EHS professionals now use technology to save time and effort while ensuring workplace safety. However, a new form of technology has entered the world of EHS. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniably a big part of our lives. Whether it … Read More